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Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth, is Phoenix Wright's rival and long time friend. He is playable in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations and is the main protagonist of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. As a child, Edgeworth aspired to become a defense attorney, following in his father Gregory's footsteps. However, upon witnessing his father's death and watching in horror as the suspected murderer was let free, he gained a hatred for criminals and began studying to be a prosecutor, learning tactics from his mentor Manfred von Karma to always get a "guilty" verdict. This later earned him the name "demon prosecutor". Miles has not lost a case he was involved with until his first trial against Phoenix, after which he felt a need to defeat Phoenix. After Phoenix successfully defended Miles in a murder accusation from his former mentor, Miles recognized that prosecutors and defense attorneys need to be partners in discovering the truth. After disappearing for a long period of time on a journey of self-discovery, Miles returns to help Phoenix on some of his more difficult cases, including stepping in as the defense attorney when Phoenix was ill and bedridden. A running gag is that Edgeworth is usually unable to get his witnesses to state their names and occupations. Also, in both the manga and (to a lesser extent) the game, it is implied that he is a closet Steel Samurai fan. He also has a phobia of earthquakes and elevators, due to the incident in which his father was murdered.

Edgeworth's starring appearance in Ace Attorney Investigations takes place a month after the final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations. On the way home from a month-long voyage to the fictional nation of Borginia, he finds himself caught up in a murder of a man on his plane. After solving the case and discovering the man's true identity, he is called upon by an old friend to deliver the ransom at an amusement park in his son's kidnapping. This unfortunately leads to yet another murder which Edgeworth is tasked to solve (despite difficulties dealing with Interpol). During this case, he encounters a female thief named "Kay Faraday" whom he actually met during his very first case seven years before. Once the case is solved, he returns to his office only to find yet another murder (and a theft) waiting for him. The cases all tie together as a series of events that concern a secret and powerful criminal organization, which all comes to a head during the final case of the game.

Miles' starring debut was originally going to star Ema Skye, another character from the series, but due to fan response, they went with Miles Edgeworth, a more popular character. Miles is voiced by Ace Attorney character designer Tatsurō Iwamoto in the video games and by Eiji Takemoto in Tokyo Game Show promotions for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations. On stage, he is portrayed by Hikaru Nanaho in the first musical and by Hiro Yūmi in the second musical.

Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth

the new game of Ace Attorney series,it's take time between trial and tribulation and apollo justice.this game was a spin-off of the ace attorney series

we played as the great prosecutor,Miles Edgeworth,the student of manfred von karma. 

Similar to previous Ace Attorney games, there are five cases in the game, and to unlock a new case, the previous case needs to be solved. Chronologically, the game appears to take place between Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice. The five cases are presented out of chronological order in the game, though each describe a series of common events connected to an international smuggling ring and the Great Thief Yatagarasu that seeks to expose the smuggling ring by "stealing the truth" and revealing the evidence to the public.


The fourth case, "Turnabout Reminiscence", describes most of the backstory for the rest of the game. Ten years prior to the game's present, during what became known as the "KG-8 Incident", the Secretariat of the Cohpodian Embassy, Manny Coachen, was accused of the murder of Cece Yew, a witness to the connection of the smuggling ring to the embassy. Lead prosecutor Bryne Faraday and detective Tyrell Badd, acted together in secret as Yatagarasu to steal evidence from the embassy, but discovered they could not use it legally to convict Coachen. The courts found Coachen innocent. Calisto Yew, Cece's sister and a defense attorney, accosted Faraday and Badd, and they were forced to reveal themselves as Yatagarasu to her. They opted to let her join as a third member, continuing their work to expose the smuggling ring. Three years later, a similar murder at the Cohpodian Embassy occurred; the suspect claimed he was told to perform the murder by Faraday, the prosecutor of the trial, pointing him out as Yatagarasu. A recess was held to replace Faraday with Edgeworth (in his first appearance as prosecutor as well as his first meeting with Dick Gumshoe), but before recess was completed, both Faraday and the suspect were found murdered. Edgeworth discovers that Calisto Yew, still angered by the death of her sister three years before, committed the murders. Yew escapes, vowing to be Yatagarasu. Faraday's young daughter, Kay, is comforted over her father's death by Edgeworth, Gumshoe, and Badd; she believes that her father was the true Yatagarasu, and vows to catch the fake Yatagarasu some day.

In the game's present, Edgeworth becomes involved with a branch operation of the smuggling ring on his return trip aboard an airliner ("Turnabout Airlines", the game's 2nd case). He meets with his half-sister and fellow prosecutor, Franziska von Karma, who explains she is working with Interpol to expose the smuggling ring. After closing that case, Edgeworth is called by Ernest Amano, head of a powerful business group, who's son Lance has been kidnapped and held at a local amusement park ("The Kidnapped Turnabout", the 3rd case). As Edgeworth seeks to solve the mystery, he is re-introduced to Kay Faraday, now calling herself the true Yatagarasu, and Interpol agents Shi-Long Lang and his assistant Shih-Na, who believe the Amano Group is involved with the smuggling ring, and are seeking to end it, believing the ring to be connected to financial wrongdoings in their home country of Zheng Fi. Edgeworth reveals the kidnapping as a ploy by Lance to get money from his father, but enough evidence is revealed for Lang to bring Ernest Amano in for questioning. Upon returning to his office, Edgeworth finds yet another murder "Turnabout Visitor" , the 1st case. Edgeworth deduces that a corrupt prosecutor, Jacques Portsman, was working for the smuggling ring and was seeking to steal evidence from the KG-8 Incident in Edgeworth's office, using the murder to cover his tracks.

The final case of the game, "Turnabout Ablaze" , takes places a few days later at the former embassy of Cohpodia; in years prior, civil tension in the country of Cohpodia forced the country to split in two, into the nations of Allebahst and Babahl, sharing the same embassy building. On a night that the two nations were secretly planning on announcing their reunification as a single country at the embassy, the fake Yatagarasu appeared, along with a fire on the Babahl half of the embassy and a double murder in the respective offices of Allebahst and Babahl embassies; one of the victims is found to be Manny Coachen, the Secretariat for Babahl and still a prime suspect in the smuggling ring. Edgeworth reveals that Shih-Na is really Calisto Yew in disguise, but Yew admits that she did not murder Coachen and only an accessory to the crime. As she is taken away, she reveals she is not Cece's sister, but an agent from the smuggling ring that was tasked into befriending Yatagarasu and prevent further thefts related to the smuggling ring. Further investigation by Edgeworth, using the illegal evidence obtained by Badd years ago, eventually pins Allebahst (and former Cohpodia) Ambassador Alba as the ringmaster of the smuggling ring from the start, planning and committing the murders and covering the tracks of the smuggling ring, including the introduction of counterfeit money into Zheng Fa. Alba, Amano, and others are convicted of their crimes, while Edgeworth and his newfound friends recommit to their vows to defend the truth and