Saturday, March 20, 2010

my experience in Ace Attorney : Phoenix Wright

wow, did not seem, for 6 days was playing ace attorney, I was toward the end of the last case, the rise from ashes. reply in my opinion, the ace attorney phoenix wright, the gameplay was fun, because what?

I will tell you, last on the case, there are parts where we can see a videotape, and consequently, at that time if not wrong, the game was made for the NDS in 2003, and the animation ... WOW, pretty enough for NDS. that cool again, in this final section is the Blue badger, police mascot Ace Attorney game, let alone blue badger song themes, it was funny, and unexpectedly, which makes the work is gumshoe detective, wow, amazing

well, in my opinion, the last case is also quite complicated, because the terms of the language used is quite complicated and for the gameplay, the more fun of course

just info, the fifth case in phoenix wright ace attorney are additional cases that exist only in versions of NDS, while that for the final version of the case is gameboy "turnabout goodbye". in this latter case, we will meet new characters such as Ema and Lana Skye. on this case, Lana Skye charged with the murder of the famous detective in the Prosecutor's office, and at that moment, Emma, her sister, comes to phoenix and ask for he assistance. turns out, is known, Lana is a sophomore at the time of Mia .dan class after we receive the case, we will find a more exciting mystery.

oh, yes. for gameplay in this last case, there is a kind of fingerprint tracking system, so we would like sow a special powder and blown with the DS microphone that has built-in on her NDS, and the system was fairly cool, seemed to investigate the case as the original

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