Tuesday, January 12, 2010

finally,the awaited shipment arrived too

so, I'm on 1 week ago to see on the forum FJB kaskus, then when it was on when I want to gundam, gundam I'm looking for is was SD size. and when a look at google and found the SD gundam god, I thought "was pretty cool huh, so wanted to have"

then after that, I was looking everywhere. but in the usual place I visited was not there, so I'm looking through a kaskus. and fortunately I was given out by my friend that there is thread that sells a cool gundam SD. so I immediately saw it and there SD god gundam!

WOW, I immediately send PM to the owner store (happened to open stores in mangdu) 
then finally reply my messages. and finally I transfer the funds and waiting for his shipment. was within 3 days, his post came to my house, wahahha 

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