Sunday, January 3, 2010

my gundam and gundam hangar paper craft

yup, this day because I do not have jobs and lazy to take a nap, so I tried to make a ramp from the paper, so I tried to make a papercraft (although not exactly as papercraft

with scissors, rulers, doubletape, and of course, paper. I made a papercraft hangar dioarama

so, I'd like to make a diorama, but since that has never, so I idly made a hangar diorama made of paper
This idea came out when I saw my father making house plans from paper, from which I get inspiration to make a diorama of the paper hangar (wahahah). and for the future, I will try to make again a diorama of the material better, but still I love my work on this one, hahhaha.

This hangar is my design for SD gundam hangar, hangar so it is not oversized, and all the SD gundam I took the picture is not all SD gundam I have. there is one picture I took of gundam RX-78-2 30th anniversary series (gundam my pride). then I added with a toy car (fun, hahahah). OK, this is my work, hahahahaha

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